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Icy Lychee 50MG:- ?No, we are not kidding! The goodness of Lychee in a delectable menthol flavor that would not just soothe your taste buds, but also give your nicotine craving a happy ending. Designed to impress and deliver, the MiO Nano Icy Lychee comes with in-built battery and a 1.2 ml pre-filled pod system that makes it convenient to use and carry while on the move. It?s impressive how so much of freshness is packed in such a compact device, so much so that you wonder if it?s true. Flavor Profile Menthol ? Menthol makes the strong salt nic taste flavorful and soothing in the throat Lychee ? Distinct rose floral and fruit floral taste of Lychee that would surprise you in an instant Mint ? The sweet flavorful taste of spearmint and peppermint accompanied by a cooling sensation and distinct scent Here is why you should buy the MiO Nano Icy Lychee disposable vape; Effortless Vaping ? Get a rush of fresh Icy and fruity flavours instantly with on-draw activation. That means, no complicated mechanisms, buttons or draw mechanism, just effortless vaping experience. Zero Maintenance ? The MiO Nano disposable e-cigs come with a built-in battery that is fully charged and filled with 1.2 ml of 50mg Salt Nic ? enough to substitute 20 cigarettes. No refilling, no maintenance, just use and dispose of. Perfect for On-the-Move Vaping ? The sleek and almost weightless device is easy to carry and discreet to use, making it the perfect disposable vape for your active lifestyle. Package Contents:? * 1x?MIO Nano Icy Lychee Disposable Vape Pod

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